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Thursday, February 16, 2006

news ratings season

i never really thought about it, but networks must worry about ratings for news during ratings time. i mean, they fight over anchors and reporters, and little fuzzy stories about widdle animals being born. suddenly it is the time when viewer numbers count, and the world has just got a hell of a lot more interesting.

so i caught the new season on mediawatch, and man has that show gone to the dogs. i mean, i dont tune in to that show to watch articles on implausible messages in a bottle, or the danish cartoon thingy. maybe my standard has gone up, but the show lacks the bite it used to have. the hosts have gone from cynically sharp to sarcastic disbelief to giggling at the stories, and now the latest woman seems to not understand its meant to all be a very sarcastic show. it never used to take itself so seriously and its painful to watch. have a good running story of the cheney shooting, and it would be funny if it wasnt so distressing and horrifying. like traumatic. the dude is in charge of the World, people. this dude. this one right here shooting people for no good reason. well at least i hope there was no reason. im not putting anything past this guy right now. if someone would just explain whats happening... and im just wondering, if mr whittington manages to die from the heart attack and such complications from bits of gunshot In His Heart, would that somehow mean a homicide? oh god this is painful. you never saw saddam try to cover up his personal killing of someone. not like this.

four corners last night caused no end of headache. all the hsc-learnt psychology was being countered by the fact that the peeps at the abc probably helped write that syllabus, and know all the loopholes. endless circles of counter-counter-anti-pro-psychologising of everything. and i noticed that the woman who was sposed to represent the greenhouse office (or the 'mafia', as the abc was calling them last night), was wearing a green singlet. i could write a whole essay on her choice to wear that singlet and its connotations. oh hell yeah im ready for uni. but the program was nothing new, and that young csiro guy is my hero. hah.



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