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Thursday, February 02, 2006

righteous-ness is overrated

long story short, i had a really awesome post, and the computer ate it all up.

im not going to go through all that pain again, so ill just recap:
brokeback was o-kay, especially the mr ledger and mr gyllenhaal bits, and the ending, and anne hathaway, and michelle williams' new hair colour. admittedly, im am going through an anne hathaway phase, and i liked heath ledger in brothers grimm, so my opinion may not be altogether reliable.
not so gaga over ang lee however, because he coulda cut stuff out and cut stuff in a better and less abrupt way. also, the music was annoying as all hell because of that stoopid guitar strumm-y thing. migraine time.

ferris bueller is cool and cameron is me. mr broderick and mr ruck rock my socks and charlie sheen is the coolest. ben stein is my idol.

trains suck, and what is the difference between a 'railpass' and a 'travelpass'?

also, i am not afraid of terrorists, or the 'crazy people' my mum tells me are on late night trains at redfern, rather i am terrified of 14yr old girls with nothing better to do and no school to do it at.
and, i dont want cops on the street like that guy in california who had more communication problems than tina, and shot an iraqi vet for getting up after he told him to 'get up', while thinking he had said 'shut up'.

take that, pigeon farmers of the world, for breeding the pestilence of the skies, when the roof of their convention centre caved in on them underneath all that snow. pigeon poo woulda been more appropriate, but hey.

and please go here:
and sign the petition. i loved that show so much.



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