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Wednesday, February 22, 2006

twin high maintenance machines

yeah, so anyways, i reckon ive been seeing waaay too many movies at the mo. at least once a week at the cinemas, which is a hellofa lot more than what ive seen in the last 2 years put together. managed to catch jarhead. and it was fairly good. not profound or history-making in the way that i suppose full metal jacket was, but more contemporary and such. and i guess jake gyllenhaal was in it so that makes up for much.
and i reckon the guy that played troy - sarsgaard - has been taking lessons from john malkovich. hell, he even talks the same, that quiet kind of almost-evil thing, slightly schizo kinda feeling. loving it.

and now, the whole winter olympics thing.
ive heard people say that its crap, not real athleticism, doesnt have enough black people to be called 'international olympics' and other such crap, but its been a pretty good way to veg out on the couch late at night, seeing as how i cant even bring myself to watch ANY UStv anymore. like at all. like, not even numbers or house or without a trace (which i used to love and still consider fairly allright). it just hurts my brain. so - more reading and random tv-flicking for mels!
but olympics, yes. i, like most of the world, simply do not understand most of the sports there, but do you think that stopped me almost crying during pluschenko's short routine? hell no. (it was bleeding amazing) and not being able to tell the difference between moguls/slalom and skeleton/luge didnt stop me staying up till 1am watching the stuff on tv and rooting for someone from lithuania that i just picked out at random. its all good. esp now that there is practically no other sport on the box.

pissing me off at the mo:
ann sanders running a bulletin saying that mr howard knew all about the AWB shit loooong before it came out, and then moving on to her next story about chimpanzees without so much as a howdy-doody about what the ramifications of our PM's statement could be.
kelly clarkson cant sing, mores the pity. i was on my way to being converted by caz, but then i heard her sing that 'sidewalk' (or whatever...) song at torino and oh well. the gel maybe can hold a tune, but she doesnt have the vocal range to do that kinda dren in the snow.

ahardiharhar, harrison ford on rove. i dont like the new sets, and the live band is a bit too much 'the-footy-show', but any show where the the pilot of the millenium falcon chugs down m&ms and mutters 'i thought they shoulda killed the bastard', while saying indy4 is practically definitely happening, is awesome in my book.

something for kate are mastering the new album in NYC and it is really exciting to hear theyre coming back down and the album will be out soon. unfortunately theyre only playing wollongong O-week (damn), and the great escape festival, which i have no hope of getting to because life is a box of chocolates and this time i got stuck with carob.

carefully triangulated wisdom of the trichorder(2): council workers are funny.



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