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Friday, February 03, 2006

worlds enough and time

i know, awesome title. great book. if i had managed to think of an extension 2 title with as much poignancy as that or something like 'brokeback mountain', lets just say i would be a far richer person right now.
speaking of ext2... i wonder if and when we'll ever get our major works back. i want the bound one for safekeeping and maybe posterity. and maybe as cannon fodder, but whatever. i put hard (?) work into that thingy and i would like to have some record that i did it.
thats a nice site. apparently mr anthony lucas got nominated for an oscar for best animated short, which is very cool. the aussies'll start a trend.
other things which struck me as funny or odd in the oscars lineup this year (not that i pay all that much attention to those kinds of awards anyways), are that ms knightley got nominated for best actress, brokeback for music, and mr elsey got a nod for best makeup. yay. farscape 4eva, man. and murderball got nominated for the doco award. i liked the idea of that movie, and i only saw bits and pieces on the telly, but it seemed really good.

and thats another movie i wanna watch. 'the new world', which is sposed to be about pocahantas. remember the days when christian bale voiced the little scrawny idiot in the animated one with mel gibson? and now, apparently he is rolfe, who is sposed to stomp on into the movie and steal ickle pocahantas away from john smith and whisk her away to london. or something. anyways. according to the bible that is, david thewlis, noah taylor, christopher plummer, jonathan pryce, kirk acevedo and ben mendelsohn are sposed to be in it - note all the aussie-ish names. in addition to farrell, bale and the new chick who plays pocahantas. so im kinda looking forward to it.

anyways. cricket and swimmings are on. which means lots of vicarious funs for the household. my fave moments include the breaking of world records, painful and stupid run-outs, and of course people with strange names (not that i can talk much, but anywhos), such as that swimmer named michael jackson, and doing my funny south african accent. i love how when aussies decide to put their mind to something they can really go all out. but when we dont care, exactly noone decides to participate. its awesome, it really is.

and, welcome back sydney community free-to-air network - TVS! ive been craving all of those badly shot ethnic home-cooking programs, and the bollywood video clip shows, and im now hooked on a car show called 'the c-word'.
also on the weekly programme: saturday night abc (my family and hardware), and wednesday night abc ( ab fab, some other shows i havent caught the name of, little britain), and tonight sbs are showing the sophia loren movie ive been waiting for for over a year. yay.



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