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Thursday, March 02, 2006

hot hot heating

i know that there a bunch of people running around with their arms in the air saying that the worlds going to end and look at all this global warming stuff, and usually i try to ignore it cos, really what am *i* going to do about it, and if it is true, then we're probably too late anyways. but apparently sydney this year had an average summer temperature 2.3 degrees celsius hotter than last year, we're stuck in the middle of a 5 year drought or something, and ice is melting all over the world at least 3 times faster than we thought.
goodbye world. it was fun while it lasted.

tvs is up and running. yay! get your programs here. i suggest 'the c word' on monday nights, and those bollywood hits shows.

caught the pilot of commander in chief. its actually fairly alright, although i do have to admit to a partiality to donald sutherland projects. buffy, anyone? but seriously, i reckon i could get into it. geena davis had me hooked from that line in the first half of the show when she said ' Jim, you're not in a position to insist how I take my coffee!' oh yeah. i think it is true what a lot of the liberal moderates are saying, that the show has collected the baton from the west wing, and is now letting the audience indulge in what they wish the US government was really like. its a little disappointing really, and maybe the real admin should take a good hard look to see what major things theyre doing wrong. hah. one can dream

Things pissing me off at the mo:
celebrity chefs and b-grade 'celebrities' in gameshows. case in point- 'friday night games' which is a little bit like gladiators (incidentally, that show was pure genius), but really more like big brother. 'dancing with the stars' (hell even simone warne is now a celebrity), and well, every single cooking show on the box at the moment. dont get me wrong, i could watch cooking shows all through armageddon, but they really are a waste of humanity's resources.

getting stuck in the rain at tropfest. this is the first one ive managed to get myself down to, and after spending the afternoon playing uno, scattegories and watching tina jump around with her pen, paper and camera trying to be part of the new 'people paparazzi', harassing the 'stars' of headland, it was only slightly disappointing that the rain didnt stay away and we all basically had a pool party at the domain. also, that snake film got disqualified. which is pretty funny really. i loved how all the media went 'oh no! cheating in the world's largest short film festival! how shocking and outrageous and can we possibly get this in the tabloids?!' and polson was like 'hah. pretty funny really, good for them and all, but i only feel sorry for the 17th finalist who missed out on a place cos of these eedjets who decided to fake their video'.

that stoopid 'insert' button that overwrites everything i type. gr.

the arts peer-support thingy day at usyd. the profs or docs or whatever the hell they were put on some highly frightening little show for us all, with no real purpose that anyone could see, and it scared even most of the mentors. free drinks (water from a box. i know...) and donuts (which is always good), but didnt really pay for the awkwardness.
oh - also. uni timetable.mine really, really, really sucks. so much so that mum is now pushing for me to get a job in newtown so i dont waste too much time. a 5-6pm class, i ask you. what is going on there?

i been doing my net research and updating those ghei links on the side there, so that theres not too many poncy liberal blogs left. not that theres anything wrong with those, but i dont even read most of them anymore. try to find more aussie ones (as hard as that is right now).

also. my keyboards have royally frelled the right up. now the spacebar, enter button and 'e' key are all refusing to obey me. this post has taken about 3 times as long to type as your first guess.



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