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Saturday, March 25, 2006

people lie.

they really do. and im not talking about 'evil' people in the media or in politics or anything like that, ima talking about the statistically average person.

marty, that cd that mandy gave you. was empty. gr.
seriously, there was nothing on it. maybe its just my computer tho, ill go to my aunts place and try it on theirs. if it really doesnt work, maybe i can borrow yours (if yours is functioning)?

danny bhoy last night was really funny. that is one hilarious scot. oh yes. the funny. and it was taped, so maybe he's doing the done thing for comedians at the moment, and releasing a dvd...? i would most certainly spend all of my no moneys on that little gem. diddly-diddly-dee-potatoes.

buses suck. but ive already ranted about that so ill just leave it at that.

i want to see movies:
v for vendetta
aeon flux (i dont care, i wanna see)
x-3 (why didnt anyone tell me kelsey grammer got cast as the beast. people i feel remarkably let down that im only going gaga at this late point in time. kelsey grammer. yo, the cool)

mary, nat since youse are free, i am thinking if you get a free tuesday morning, i can go to either george st or broadway any time before 3pm. which is loads, if you think about it.

uni is awesome. arts is awesome. doing very little work is awesome. random people being my new best friend is awesome, and my phone is awesome. the parentals absence is not so awesome, seeing as how i have to do all the chores cos johobo is a horrible horrible slacker. oh yes you are. you know it.

happy birthday bec, i still dunno what im gettin ya.

the world is falling about our ears, and all i can say is this: the box says 'the triangle' is on sunday april 2. be there peoples.



Blogger narty said...

thought you already knew about the beast thing. apologies for your lack of squee.

yeah, i'm up for a tuesday. pick one and i'll be there.

March 28, 2006 10:05 am


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