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Sunday, March 19, 2006

THIS guy? right HERE?

finally, i managed to con anita into giving moi the photo that is the awesomest dude in hollywood. yes, that bandanna touched johnny depp's sweat. woah. and, yes that guy does have my hat.

i now owe anita my soul. but since she bought stargate seasons 1-7, i think it is SHe who owes me a lend of stuff.

nothing else to say really. uni is okay, what with the trying to learn arabic (while not really understanding what the hell the METAcentre is, or how to get the vcrs in there working), and trying to read the psych textbook, which is alright i spose, lots of nice pics, but that friday lecture is darned boring. if i return from fridays with my eyeballs poked out, then youll all know why. i dont understand how a person talking can be THAT mind-numbingly boring.

dex has a new show called 'hotel babylon', which channel nine has bought. nine also bought 'the triangle' (see an old post), so at least ill have something to look forward to after the whole commgames thing is over.

videohits was doing a 'lets remember the 80s, 90s, and today' ep, and i realised i really like madonna songs, before the new millenium. since then, ick.

is it just me, or do the following film/tv songs all sound almost exactly alike: han & leia's theme from starwars, the theme to the tv series 'close and true' starring robson green and james bolam and ickle jamie bell, and the theme song to miyazaki's 'laputa: castle in the sky'. yes...

last night, doing the not-being-able-to-sleep thing, i found an aussie movie from '99, with rufus sewell, andrew gilbert, john howard and maya stange. was about some anthropologists in WWII studying peoples of New Guinea. seeing as how thats the first case study im doing in uni, i thought it was appropriate, but unfortunately it didnt go into too much (actually, any) detail of the natives - only the very pretty little story of maya and rufus. and rufus. with his shirt off. sigh. apparently he's got a new one coming out with ioan gruffud called amazing grace. or something.




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