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Wednesday, March 08, 2006

watching me watching you

well, uni has started and so life has tilted once again. trying to get used to waking up the same time (most) mornings. admittedly that time is 8am so i dont think i have too much reason to complain. however, 7pm finishes are starting to piss me off, what with uni being in redfern and all.

i have a feeling that the erratic blog-ness is only going to get worse from here on in, mostly cos by the time i get back johobo's either already claimed the computer, or im too tired, or i frankly cant be arsed to do anything about it.

wanted to update the links before, but computer decided to spontaneously combust, so ill do it again soon. i mean really, i havent even looked at some of those sites twice. also i found some pretty good aussie ones.

impressions of uni:
textbooks are freaking hell expensive,
walking is like ow,
grass is good to sleep on as long as there is shade and no ants,
sunburn is like ow,
donut king is magic,
chinese-looking people are horribly under-represented in the arabic subject
footbridge aircon is awesome
greenies who dont wear shoes are scary
religious evangelicals are even scarier (and one guy has my hat in navy blue)
cheap newspapers are teh best thing ever.

daunting are assessments so far, but maybe things appear scarier from a distance. esp when i think about the chem tests and stuffs divz and tina have to do. ha-ha.

nrl on friday. w00t-ing much joy.
thorpey out of the comm games. hah. that craig stevens fellow to replace him. bigger hah.
people besides me watch friday night games.
x-3 site being updated
mr bush's approval rating to 34%. teehee. although that still means 34% of people still like him.
julia gillard for PM! i mean really, australian story, womens zines, the 'factionism is cancer' speech, redheaded-geena-davis-commander-in-chief one of the top dramas, you know, im just saying...
and yes, people dying, but since no one else seems to care, ill just point it out and let you do your own research

off to eat pizza.



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