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Tuesday, April 25, 2006

ain't no oil in the congo

and its not fair. last week, my aunt with the pet store came by and took brunina and her short-hair brother, and all we were left with was tabitha and the skittish blonde long-hair. it was so sad, when they had all left, tabitha came out and started to meow for her babies and only one rocked up. =(

and yesterday we got told that someone already bought 'nina. whoever you are, i hate you. so much. gr.

anyways. the lack of blogs has nothing to do with an increased workload, just me being more bludgy, and discovering stephen king. do you know how fat that book 'the stand' is? and now i gotsta buy all 7 of the dark tower books cos i got hooked to the first one. its really good, and roland is like my hero. i know thats not the point, but can i help it if im hopeless and get drawn into any work of fiction? for cryin out loud i watched sharkboy and lavagirl a coupla days ago cos yonny had it on the tv, and man i got caught up in that. the bad acting, sad costumes and psychedelic sfx? genius. if i was about 5 that would have been my favourite movie of all time.

also, i finally watched the lion the witch and the wardrobe, and bloody hell, that tilda swinton is one scary lady. it was annoying i had to explain all of the magician's nephew to my sister, cos she knew it wasn't the first book, and where the hell did the wardrobe come from? also, it is strange, looking back, that everyone took the lamppost for granted - like i never asked any questions when i first watched the BBC version in year2 non-scripture. but it really is bizarre. and when i read the first book, i was like 'oh so there is a reason the lamppost was there... hm'.

the world is a funny place today. if you want a laugh, check out alan moir's series of cartoons from about 2 weeks ago that are based on winnie the pooh and friends, describing the cole inquiry. pooh=alex, kanga=vaile, owl=cole, and the heffalump? you guessed it, is mr beazley. oh, teh funny.

song: aint no oil in the congo - tripod at the comedy gala
random fact: the 4 characters in the enid blyton's series kiwi tv series were called dinah, philip, lucy-ann, and jack (with a kiwi accent, so 'jeck')

final rant: god be putting curses upon you, charlize theron, and you too, karyn kusama, and also whoever was in charge of fixing the sound quality on the film (you know who you are). for that horrible, horrible bit of shite that was aeon flux. anyone who hasnt seen it, you just dont understand the sheer bad-ness of that film. holy flipping cakemix, it was atrocious. what exactly was bad about it, you ask? everything, i say. every single little bit. from the costumes, to the hairdos to the effects, the sound, the plot (PWP??) the dialogue, the acting, the camera work, the everything!

im going to go read about male pregnancy and ritualised homosexuality in the new guinea highlands now. because that is so damn much more related to my life than that waste-of-two-hours that was aeon flux.

also, colin hanks looks really different now. not like his dad at all..


Anonymous Anonymous said...

colin hanks is hot!

thank god he doesn't look like his dad.

April 30, 2006 11:19 am


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