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Wednesday, May 24, 2006

A.P. (awesome power)

oh blogger, dearest blogger, why art thou so slow?

the computer is starting to not be my friend once again, im pretty sure itll just say 'no' one day soon and we'll have to get it fixed up. which is just ridiculous. if my life totally didnt revolve around it, i would have given up on technology a long time ago. i mean, i have to *deal* with this stoopid computer every day to Live, but it shuts down all the time; meanwhile my old walkman i keep in the car is almost 30 years old, i can drop it all over the damn place without worrying about wrecking any part of it, and it only needs new batteries about twice a year.


cold snap in the last few days, which has kind-of been fun. i like cold weather, but i hate that im still not quite sure whether to get my chunky coats out or not. also, i am not flipping going to uni at 6pm on a day where the top temperature was 15degrees, and its raining. like, just no.

um. not much else to say right now, cept that omg those x-3 ads look awesome. i shall go on friday and get more points on my awesome scale. which reminds me...

mi-3. much, much better than the last movie in the trilogy. maybe i just hate thandie newton, but that film was pretty darn bad. this one is pretty cool. the non-linear style was really interesting (fine, jj fans...), and hoffman is the scariest baddie i seen in a while. they didnt really give him much of a character, but i guess that was the point. rhys meyers was okay, im still not okay with him being schmendrick in 'the last unicorn', but yeah. ving rhames = awesome. one thing that mum and i both found peculiar was how much michelle monaghan (sp?) looked like katie holmes.... the smile and the hair and the face shape... strange. well, not really i spose, what with tom cruise being the producer and all. that bit scaling down the inside vatican wall was nice. =) and their italian was hilarious.

almost finished reading that vandermeer book, 'city of saints and madmen'. omg po-mo. its kind of scary if you allow yourself to get carried away with the story. the layers, the layers! for a book that i found in a 'cheap' bin, its remarkably well-written, well-covered on the net, and well-everything. if i could write like that... i like one of the reviews that i found that points out you dont even have to open the cover to start reading. oh yes.

here is a picture of me (cos i am bored), and *am-eee-li-aaaa*:

dont you hate it when: one of the sites you like to read a fair bit goes down for repairs and doesnt come back up for several weeks, with only a message on the frontpage saying 'cya in a week' (they LIE!)

updation of sidelinks!: some more funnies, and 'acutal' sites that i 'acutually' look at. such as funny comics. and that fugly page, which still makes me giggle. everytime, yo.



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