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Saturday, May 06, 2006

chicken voices in my head...

i dont particularly like radiohead, but that tripod acapella version was the spookiest thing i heard in a while. very cool. the rest of the dvd is likewise cool. karlis (sp?) was quite funny, but yeah, gatesy rules.

lets see, what has happened? oh yes, this:

and this:

yeah. good times. wherein we had to change about 4 times cos of big drama with the emergency bridesmaid thingy. but there was bottomless coke, so who was i to complain?

also, x-3 and mi-3 are coming out soons, which will be very funky for me once i finish up the 3 assignments i was meant to have done last week. see, i cant drink, so i dont even have that excuse. believe me, it is far more difficult to procrastinate when you are 100% sober.

oh yeah, got tina addicted to josh pyke (heh), and bec revealed the highly secret information (that tina has a penis - dont ask) to tinas new vet friends. i wish i had done chemistry.

quotedy quote: 'all mimsy were the borogroves and the mome raths outgrabe'

blink of the moment: (there are sg-1, buffy, firefly, sga, bsg, etc on there - its all quite hilarious. the one of nathan fillion is fantastic =)

6 degrees (hey, footloose was on last night, dont blame me): sean maher tomorrow night on ghost whisperer.



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