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Tuesday, May 16, 2006


its probably time for me to start gathering up my notes for the semester exams, but honestly i can't be stuffed. my psych things are scattered alll over my room, and i am soooo ready to bs my way through the anthro one. meanwhile, everyone else is still doing a gazillion and one assignments, and so i gots no one to talk to cos the moment i open my mouth to whinge about studying they shut me right down. justifiably so, but that doesnt help me.

so instead of dwellin on the fact that i have got three weeks of uni left, and then one week of stuvac, im gonna keep procrastinating, and read more of the chunky chunky books stacked in a wobbly pile on the side of my desk like a leaning tower about to be demolished. honestly, that book on eels? i dunno what i was thinking.

and everytime im sitting in my room, i can feel my laptop willing me to go out and get some games to play and play, and waste the rest of my time away. man, i need a hobby. or some motivation to get my work done so that i can't use it as an excuse everytime i think of doing something else.

a-hahahaha. omg. im so scared right now. the moment you outright decide to use the nazis as the model state is the moment everyone needs to get their heads out of the diminishing black gold, and say or do something about it. gorram.



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