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Friday, May 12, 2006

pie in the sky

whats been happening in the world? i heard somewhere that two blokes came up outta a hole in the ground down in tassie. well woo hoo. seriously, the net result of that whole story was one dude died in a rockfall that may or may not have been caused by an earthquake near a goldmine. how is that in any way more newsworthy than some of the other stuff going on in the world?
hunting through the smh (which is how you have to read mass media nowadays - you hunt for news), i found a little bit on how wind farms that could power all of SA and NSW by themselves were not going to be able to go ahead cos the government, in all of its buy-the-voters-with-100%-of-the-budget-surplus wisdom, has decided to give no moneys to finish the projects.
in another part, smushed into a few paragraphs in the metro section, 4 papuans were found alive after spending weeks missing in open waters. honestly, the representation of events at the moment is appalling. has anyone in the australian media heard about the phone-tapping scandal in the US? what about the abolition of net neutrality? if i never went on the net, i wouldnt know about any of this either. and the only net sites that i have the time for are a few of the bigger US blogs... all i get on commercial networks is human nature on sunrise, and dole bludgers, and who's doing what on bigbrother.

in other news, something about uni is making me more lazy than usual. after having had the ENTIRE semester so far to do that psych essay, i decided to do it in the middle of last night, with the whirring-broken-fan-belt computer and NO temporary data retrieval facilities. i only ended up writing the thing about 5 times. i could recite it all right now, thats how many times i rewrote the same flipping sentences because microsoft word kept crashing. also, that writing in psych book was reallly handy. i know it seemed like a ridiculous, nerdy, n00b-y waste of money at the time i bought it, but its really awesome. i just copied the entire format of the 'good essay' example at the back of the book, and voila!

jos been away. yay! i got a laptop. yay! i have no assessments until end-of-semester exams. yay! and i thank everything good in the world for my lack of stuff to do. i shall buy games for my laptop. oh yes.

best. frozen-pose. ever. its made of lego! not hot lego, normal lego! (as an aside, i love jason byrne. heh)

second-best. frozen-pose. ever (



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