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Tuesday, May 30, 2006

what have they done?

...with my movie? oh my giddy aunt, it was so ruinated. the good stuff they could have done, just think about it. what with all those awesome actors. they could have given logan more angst, scott more pain, marie more justification, angel more... character. and storm, well they could have given her less scenes and fired halle berry, and got someone else who could have channelled tina turner more. also, got rid of shitty lines like 'not all of us heal as fast as you, logan' (*wah*), and oh man... only xavier and magneto managed to cope in any way whatsoever, and thats cos mckellen and stewart are so awesome.

anyways. there were some good bits. i like when iceman went all 'ice-man-y', and the little dialogue betwixt rogue and logan. young angel hacking bits of himself off was a really nice touch, that poor kid is a genius, and kelsey grammer as the beast was possibly best. casting decision. ever. overall though, it wasnt as good as it should have been.

urm. june is not a good month. what with exams, and group stuffs, and lots of cool gigs i could go to if i just had the organisational skills.

but i shall stop whining here and sally forth and pretends to do some works.
oh, so not going to uni today...



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