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Wednesday, July 05, 2006

its the TUBES!

this is depressing. the guy's a senator, for crying out loud, and to let him keep making decisions about the internet, when he uses sentences like "I just the other day got, an internet was sent by my staff..." what the hell does that even mean?

and i just figured out i can watch old eps of 'head of the class' free, legal over the net via an aol site, and then my stoopid computer won't let me download the new media player cos it can't authenticate my copy of xp. which i can't do anything about, but oh wells.

ive recently sort-of spent a lot of money on dvds, books and cds, but justified, as i "have been looking for these for AGES...". i mean, how was i sposed to not buy the tank girl dvd, when it was staring me in the face, on special, at sanity. i've never even seen the dvd, besides on US sites on the net. and likewise with the master and commander book. honestly. and taken boxset... dude, half price.

joely and i went seekrit shopping today. forced her to eat too much for lunch, but thats okay really. and then she showed me these nice shoes. of which ive forgotten the brand, but they were nice. and on sale. but we felt so guilty for excessive!shopping, that we couldnt bring ourselves to buy anymore.

question: where can you buy nice, cheap shoelaces? shoe shops don't have a great variety (not the ones i go to anyways...)

thing to do: scrubs/pong party! yays!



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