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Monday, July 24, 2006

sci-fi sunsets

its been awhile, so i think its time for the long-overdue blog.

whats been happening? lets see...

uni started up again today, and it was brought to you by the letter Q. i queued to get my reader from the copy centre (it was raining so the line was hell shorter than usually), queued to get into eastern ave auditorium (someone shoulda warned me about that), queued to buy myself a notebook (in a long line with everyone else who belatedly realised they had no stationery to do uni things with), and strangely enough, queued to get into uni, cos there was some construction work going on, and the road was blocked off. so that was fun.

mary called to say i was going to the soccer... football... in october. apparently much angst was had when They decided to sell tix at an earlier date than previously advertised. so we got shitty seats, but they were cheap, and at least we'll be there. unlike YOU.

oh, right. i finished watching all 4 seasons of enterprise the other day, and even though i immediately developed an absolute hatred of this song, its hell catchy after youve seen it over 80 times. also, the pictures are sheer genius.. heh. so:

oh yes.

i heard that connor trinneer is playing some character in sgAtlantis. which is really cool. i also heard josswhedon went and cast morena baccarin as the next wonder woman. which is not so cool, but we'll see how she does in this whole "adria" thing and figure it out. how weird will that be, inara from firefly playing aeryn sun's daughter. i feel like my brain's gonna 'splode.

tina is now more drwho obsessed than me. david tennant, i reckon after 3 eps, is no match for chris eccleston. but he is pretty cool. the brogue he suddenly 'picked up' in tooth and claw was hilarious, as was billie's subtly offensive "och! aye!". the whole running around thing is fairly amusing, but he's still kinda like a little kid. which is strange, in a doctor. he points out all the time that part of his new persona is that he is 'rude', but he doesnt seem to have any of the age-old wise/sage qualities all the other doctors (eccleston included) have had. you might believe that eccleston was 900 years old, especially in bits of the last few episodes. but tennant...? no way.

rose: if you're an alien, how come you sound like youre from the north?
dr: lots of planets have a north!

(the one thing drwho fandom is missing is an up-to-date transcript site. theres a slowly compiling one of doctors 1-8, but none that i could find of docs 9 +10. gr.)

while im praying to all everything that the abc is going to buy torchwood when its done, instead of other networks i could mention. just last week, 9 played a random!episode of enterprise at 2am. and the week before the same network played random!episode of farscape at the same time. i think it was old black magic. which raises the question, wtf?! meanwhile, ten is playing grey's anatomy of soap at 9.30, while scrubs is on 7 at midnight or thereabouts.

you must all hear about this, which is that dean devlin (independence day), is trying to make stargate the movies 2 and 3, as sequels to stargate the original film. a bit confusing, especially considering the whole story has been played out on sg1, the goa'uld are so yesterday, and sga now exists. BUT, devlin says the story has been sitting around for years and years now, and is set 12 years after the original film. which is important because: kurt russell and james spader have both said they want in, and have both aged about 12 years since the last movie (1987). omg can you imagine the awesome? cos i dont think i can.

im sure ive forgotten something but never mind.


currently watching: "taken" (mmm... shiny boxset. this whole spielberg phase is neverending...)


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