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Saturday, September 02, 2006


because that was last week, wherein i didnt get homebake tix, the cat got pregnant (again), and sciffy network celebrated the 200th ep of its flagship show stargate sg-1 but cancelling its ass. really, seventh heaven is still going, and one tree flipping hill gets renewed, but they can't keep sg-1 alive? life "sux".

i had lots of things to say. such as apologising for the last post, but i was excited at the time. (hey...). and docwho is back, and wireintheblood was on (minus hermione. so i have renamed blondie hermione in her honour), and jordan (thankgod for melinda, cos otherwise who would i squee with, because well, no one else watches that show).

that movie 'the other sister' about juliette lewis as a retarded girl was on today. why did i watch it? cos about halfway through, joe flanigan popped his perfectly done, and immovable hair up, as poppy montgomery's (without a trace) fiancee. which was so weird. i mean, sam spade and joe flanigan.... weird.

good sbs movies on recently:
city hunter with pomo, badly dubbed jackie chan.
heaven, with english-italian, headshorn cate blanchett and carabinieri giovanni ribisi
francesca and nunziata, with awesome! sophia loren, and a bunch of other italian guys.

midsemesters start soon. gr. and i am not really enjoying maths. which has absolutely no relationship with the maths lecturers and the hilaire! they provide. cases in point, my stat lecturer of the cokebottlebottom glasses and his alt-country band on fbi; and my differential equations lecturer who pronounces 'doubling' as 'dobbling' and 'graph' as 'grarph', and his 3minute long mathematics-engineering faculty joke. as we sat there mesmerised, in shock.

im almost through the dark tower books, jon gave me back my ext2 majorwork from last year (finally..), i can conjugate in arabic, bought a random!clint eastwood dvd, watched bandofbrothers again, got a bit bored with the new SFK and eskimojoe videoclips, and got hooked on a chicago band called OK Go (the treadmill guys at the next mtvs).

and of course, went to see Snakes on a Plane (come on bring it...). and loved it To Death. everyone was amazing, characterisation was fine, effects were mid90's, nathan phillip's accent was stuffed, plot existed, the asian bad guys had nothing to do with the rest of the multicultural (real!) plane flight, a paris-hilton style chihuahua got eaten, there were snakes, there was a plane without a pilot, there was samuel l jackson, and there was direct reference to the webfandom. omg, what is not to like? i will see it over again, and when the special edition dvd comes out i will buy it and make everyone i know watch it, much like princess bride, tank girl, or selected eps of farscape.

speaking of which, theyre currently recapping all the scape eps on televisionwithoutpity. pretty funny stuff. and memories. of the good times, good times. before ben became mini-RDA in sg-1. its not so much the writing of plot, character development etc, that i have a problem with (i loved what they did with baal, bringing claud on full-time is genius, and the whole gerak thing is fairly interesting), but some of the dialogue makes even me want to turn it off (like sam and shanks' explanations, and anything teal'c says to the council). the kid who did young orlin was awesome, but his lines sucked crap. and since when does dr lee get the best lines?

lee: what?
sam: what?
lee: no, i said it first.

lee: its like trying..... to do... something thats like... impossible.

ben: next you'll be saying i can fly.
lee: actually ive been working on a theory-
shanks: no.

lee: one day ill do something that gets me a little respect around here...
shanks: we're still waiting for that day

... or maybe he's the only one having fun now. the rest of the cast are starting to look like RDA did in about season6-7. bored. even ben, when he's just there for exposition, looks like the lights arent on upstairs.

meh. sleep. blessid sleep.


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