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Friday, September 15, 2006

you got that from "thee-hour recon mission"?!

i'd like to dedicate this blog to ben browder's accent. because i have no idea whats going on there... the last few eps of sg-1 have just confused the hell out of me. i know he's been in LA for the last little while, and im sure that living in the UK, then Oz, then vancouver will probably do funny things to your accent, but theres always claud somewhere nearby to compare him to, and her accent Nevar changes. i dont think it can. but yeah.

check the linkage and go and freaking save stargate sg-1. sheesh.

also, i vote more landry-lam stuff, i like lexa, she's cool. and i am soo freaking sick of making ben mini-RDA its not amusing. collateral damage ep was ok, cos the whole ep was way different from the standard sg-1 stuff, shot different and everything. and ben got to channel more john crichton than macgyver-o'neill. actually it was all a bit aurora-chair-y. which kinda makes me want to jump with happiness. and kind of want to cry. because that was just all too painful last time. meh. the aurora chair was much funkier-scarier, even though the theory of the galaran chair should have been worse. and then all the mitchell snr stuff, and ben not being his father, and be your own kinda hero speech. awwww... it was so cool.

other stuff. i have lost most of my tennis coordination. probably, not playing in almost a year isnt helping. also, playing pong all the time is not going to help the right arm muscley bits.

crossing jordan = awesome. brandau rules. and pollack needs to go to some other place, im over him.

maths lecture today: the sporty female doc cresswell swapped with lame-joke guy.
cresswell: ... so female hormonal oscillation goes one egg, one egg, one, one (makes hand actions toward alternate ovaries). but i always say to people, guys just go one million, one million, one million (hand motions forwards).
everyone totally cracks up. i think she got a fair amount of applause.
2 guys behind me: hey, man? i think im in love...
and it was in maths.... how awesome is that?


ooh. and i put my name down for volunteer red cross work at homebake. ahahahaha. so i might be going after all = awesome. !

tv watch. elizabeth I (helen mirren): hugh dancy. omg. as young essex. on tv again. sigh.
two twisted: sam worthington. doing a (albeit g-rated) strip in susie porter's kitchen. ah if nine would play repeats of this stuff the way they keep playing years-old csi over and over and over again.

JAG is back. heh. yeah. now that show brings back memories... of years ago watching it with my family on tuesday nights. and its still going. but they wanna get rid of 'gate!???? i just dont get it.

ok. goodnight.



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