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Thursday, March 08, 2007

not go quietly into the night

yeah, the new Order of the Stick strip-swathe is up, and it is very impressive. that bit that redcloak thinks at the end is priceless. i cant really get over the whole haley-elan being together thing. it still throws me off whenever they talk to each other and... stuff.

so. new blogger thingy eh? some kind of spread of the multinational cancer that is google. yeah.

i was thinking. cos i have a fair bit of free time right now, and i watch so much tv, maybe i should start using this bloggy thing to put up little recaps. hmm. i should try that and see where it takes me. god knows i talk a lot during the watching of the eps, johobo is always yelling that i should shut up while im watching heroes, so she can try to figure out exactly what mohinder is trying to say through his various attempted accents. and what the hell the haitian sensation is trying to mutter.

to start:
extreme makeover. is back. and fabulous, and slightly distressing. i cant actually watch when all the plastic surgery and lipo is happening, but they do it very quickly and tastefully. the mini-extreme-makeovers make me laugh because the women always look so amazed that theyre getting a makeover, but it turns out they get new hair-makeup-wardrobe. although, i suppose i wasnt really laughing when the camp stylist handed over 15 air tickets. that was pretty cool.

erm. updating links. soon.

i got my anthro reader. bloody freud. the reader is frakkin huge, and the text is miniscule and omigosh i should be reading right now. ag.



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