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Thursday, March 08, 2007

they're gone!

well its been awhile since i did this, but since johobo seems to get such peace of mind by blowing all her nervous energy on her various online presences, i thought maybe i'd try it again.

uni has started, i have amazing!clashes, and im doing a stats subject that is boringly a lot like the stats i did last sem and barely passed. thankgod i dont have to keep a distinction average or anything crazy like that, which is what the B.Psych ppls have to do. *shudder*

i have new favourite shows now. i jumped off the sinking sg-1 ship, and am now a Dedicated BSG fan. yays! but not so much because last ep was. omg. sad. and unbelievable. she better end up coming back as a cylon or something. or maybe leoben made a clone with that ovary he stole. im just saying. i dont know how the dynamic is going to change, but its going to feel very empty without her snarkiness all over the place. im going to go cry again.

and, heroes! i cant believe a time without the cheesy squee of heroes following. i look at that previous post and wander if i knew my life was so unfulfilled... but yeah. the cliffhanger is apparently not resolving itself until 6 weeks in my future. which is: a) not cool, and b) annoying. man, by next ep, a whole bunch of our favourite supers could be dead. although, i will be forever indebted to sylar for slicing that bit of fringe off milo. it has been bugging me since halfway through the first episode.

woah. new usb. the things i find lying around the computer desk.

anyways. joho is doing hsc this year. sometimes i feel i am living my life through hers, especially when i have very little to do around the house and she is ordering me to make her cups of tea! cups of tea! cups of tea! she gets very scary when she is stressed. and i would move somewhere else if i wasnt so worried about her sanity.

dad is going to m'sia for some birthday bash for his aunt. which is cute. but I want to go, to buy things for myself. you know, things. for... having. i like stuff.

ooh. should i holiday-blog? about what i did in the holiday? it was mostly iceskating and hanging out with the same 5-6 ppl all the time. im over it. and eating. gods, the eating. i dont think ill ever get over all that consuming of foodstuffs. ick.

i think i have to go to uni now. meh.


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Blogger narty said...

You're kidding. You're not talking about Starbuck are you? Cos I'm not an avid watcher - due mainly to laziness and overwhelming by other shows - but that would be cereally weird.

March 23, 2007 12:21 pm


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