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Friday, October 24, 2008

when its upside down, boy

short and sweet, keep it down in the front. danish is a funny language. there is only one danish director i can name off the top of my head, and he didn't direct the movie i'm thinking about. von trier. like von trapp, without the singing. he has a set of rules that he disobeys. they concern filmmaking. you have to take real life and represent it in 2D with only the colours and the sounds in front of you. you are not allowed to hum the song that is on loop in your mind when you see milkshakes sitting on the table, or a hazchem toxic waste sign above the door. the combination of the words 'wicked' and 'game' are to mean nothing other than what they say in the dictionary.

but the film i am thinking about has a man in it with a massive handlebar moustache and a caricature of an auteur that looks a lot like a guy in my class. same glasses. same hat, even. maybe he has danish in his blood. i wonder if nikolaj lie kaas is 100 percent danish.

i think it would be awesome to have viking in the blood. a history of violence. no shame. i don't quite know where my history is from. i mean, i think there is a shrine in china that has my surname on it and 23 generations entombed within it, but i don't know what they did, who they were. perhaps it is a peculiar problem of the newly middle-classed. people of peasant stock. i am curious about what that phrase means today, and what it says about me. is that where i get my bizarre inferiority complex from? or was it watching too much captain planet and power rangers when i was a kid, and feeling all that responsibility from the age of four-and-a-half. it's hard to know how to fix things when you are told that it is all up to you, but they don't give you any power. They. hm. and then they give us things like noah-son-of-sylar and tell us that bad guys really do exist, but they can't tell us who is who because that would be, like, cheating.

i'm not a fan of red cordial. i have a red dress (just one), and i like red grapes. but i have never understood the fascination. we create entire idioms centred on untruths. do you think that the assumptions that underlie our conversations warp our views of the world? if we all thought things truly then... but i suppose if three years of an arts degree has taught me anything, its that truth died in the seventies, and every attempt to save the planet since then has been like shuffling the proverbial deckchairs.

achilles was a warrior
he ached and strove for light
inspired by the sirens
that watched over him in the night
although the sands fought side by side
and darkness spread throughout
i wonder if we will ever land...

you know they found ufos yesterday. a few days after releasing that message to the stars containing dubya as the personification of evil. if ba'al had come looking for an ally, that would have been a pretty good plan on our side. the enemy would have fallen apart, no matter what kind of tech they had. wow. those scientists really thought that through.

remember, europa is not ours.

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