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Wednesday, March 10, 2010

now for something...

i also wanted to shout out to the education n social work revue society went to the agm today was really gee-d up about getting involved. i had to cut back on some volunteering stuff for uni (compulsory lectures, what?) but now i feel like since its related to the course... if youre from the soc and reading this please don't get scared. im not anywhere near as brash in real life. actually im quite the opposite =).

also, about grammar and irony. yes, i know its a blog, ha ha. i apologise wholeheartedly for the typing but unfortunately i don't see it changing in the near future - bad habits and an indoctrination in po-mo. i started off free-associating and i still think a little faster than i properly type. my creative stuff, including essay plans, start out on paper for that reason. i hate my blog writing style but i find it fascinating to follow my own thought processes a year after i write. i have a bunch of unformed thoughts about netiquette and the 'rules' of communication but ive realised i need to think a whole lot more before just blabbing on about things now.

to ben jones: sorry about the post. things are always a little different when you think you have no audience. and thanks for the responses. yes, i spent a good half hour wishing i had never started writing about the mteach on the web, and wishing that i hadn't been the one to have a blog and spout rubbish first. i know i'll never be that unthinkingly horrible again. you will allow me to have my doubts about the laptops, but all of your suggestions have been taken under advisement =).

thanks for the encouragement, and the disparaging remarks. i want to say it was all entertaining but some of it was like hot pokers in my eye. however, it was all very enlightening. what i picked up on most was the disappointment. there was a sentiment of 'not again' and i hate that the education system has gotten to that place. come back every little while over the next few years and with any luck you'll see the changes. we start from a dark place but through guidance and experience... you know the rest.

now ill probably end up reading on the train again, sigh..



Blogger Ben Jones said...

mels k
Please keep blogging, the greatest offense you can commit against the 25+ passionate teachers who have provided thought to your thoughts is to stop blogging. You have learned the power of technology and effects of visibility of practice. How pointless and unproductive would have these thoughts been in a paper journal. More poignantly how little would that have changed your thinking, practice and experience without you sharing so openly in a public space.

Ben :-)

March 11, 2010 12:51 am

Anonymous kmcg2375 said...

My po-mo background is probably what made me like your lack of capitals :) I try to write 'proper' on my blog, but pretty freely flip-flop in comments and on twitter with the capitals. Audience and context dictate language use...I'm sure I read that somewhere!

March 11, 2010 12:29 pm


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