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Wednesday, June 21, 2006

mr trips


so went to tripod last night, and they were awesome. like, totally. i think this was the first time i'd been to the comedy store, and its real small inside, little tables and candles and that. the room was packed though, lots of groups. i think there were some schoolkids, and a party group from bunnings. or something.

anyways, the show was ace. they did mostly new stuff, except for the cuckold song (which will now forever remind me of richard e. grant. i mean, who really uses the word 'cuckold' in ordinary speak? although, im not sure how many people need to use it...), and they finished with ghost ship, which was a bit funny cos there was a bunch of us who probably knew the whole thing off by heart. so, the bits like 'milky discharge' and 'i dont even know what this song is about anymore', and yonny's butterfly sounds, didnt really have the right effect on us. oh well.. =)

they did a really good one about the tortured UK suicide bombers, how they were picked on and inhumanely treated and forced to wear hats of poo, and then something along the lines of (but with more rhyming and music):
SCOD: and he said 'you're the suicide bomber arent you? who blew up the buses?'
SCOD: and i said 'no'
SCOD: and he said 'yes'
SCOD: and i said 'no'
SCOD: and he said 'yes'
SCOD: and i said 'you're not thinking this through.....'

really impressed with himself, he was, by that joke (and rightfully so, i reckon), although it took a few bars of guitar solo for the whole crowd to get the point. and yonny apparently had a son named woodjie-boodjie (awww...), who might or might not look a bit like him...

mary ended up getting the tosswinkle dvd. which is annoying, cos if i wasnt already saving up for taken, i mighta got it to replace my oldschool vhs.

lucky thing the weather was good yesterday, and we managed to walk around the entertainment quarter a bit. found the bowling place, and saw guy gross' trackdown studio in the distance. *drools*

speaking of which, channel 7 has said that they are starting stargate sg-1 on the 29th of june, and that they have bought atlantis but havent decided when (and if...) they are going to screen that. which is shitting me no end, cos i really wanna watch, but download, meh, and the dvds arent going to be released until after the tv screenings. i seriously hate that channel seven doesnt just give us a timeslot and keep the show there. theyve (kind of) done it for boston legal, arrested development, and scrubs, but anything with a scifi label they just throw out. its ridiculous. and because theyve delayed it so much, of course most of the fans will have downloaded, or bought off the net the episodes anyways, so the ratings fall down even more. its their own fault, really. and theres a simple solution: show them quickly. gorram. this is a really good site for oz stargate news:

meanwhile, hunting around on that site, i found out that michael shanks did an ep of csi;miami, and RDA did one of the simpsons, but while both eps are supposedly coming soon to a free to air tv near me, both networks 9 and 10 have decided to halt the screening of new eps until some unforeseen time (someone said maybe after the world cup. gr.)

i also heard that cableTV in oz is deciding whether or not to screen US programs only a few weeks after the US premieres. now that would be awesome for oz in general, but seeing as how most people (ie, me) still dont have foxtel or whatever, i dont see how that is going to have a big enough effect on the general culture. if anything, it will increase the amount of people downloading eps off the net in the 1-2 year gap between US screenings and australian FTA screenings. this really sucks. i just dont see why networks cant just play something with a fairly big fanbase (and they frelling KNOW its big, they just keep shoving it to the side because its not got the mainstream popularity of something like LOSt or desperate housewives (both of which are getting boring - look at ratings there...). and these fanbases are the most loyal fanbases in the 'verse. geez.

talking to my sis the other day while she was waiting for homeandaway to start, i told her i had nothing to watch, cos where has all the australian drama gone? and then she said (predictably) what about homeandaway? and then we both snickered, but then i said, fine. lets count homeandaway, and neighbours, and mcleods daughters and all saints.
thats it. blue heelers just wrapped, the abc has not enough money to commit to series-long drama, and thats it. everything else is reality or psuedo-reality, or panel shows or variety shows. the only two you could possibly add on are channel 10's 'the wedge' and channel nine's 'comedy inc' (which is bloody well genius, but on in the middle of the night - i only rediscovered it the other night cos it was halftime during the soccer). its really sad actually, considering all the actors we grew up with. even kids tv is non-existent. no more shows like genie from down under, or ocean girl, thunderstone, round the twist, noah and saskia, or even commercial channel shows like gwen jones, crash zone, or pirate islands.
the only ones ive seen lately are some kiwi thing on channel 9 (which looked really pretty, but i couldnt get into), and that strange circus-performers-in-dystopia thing which seemed a bit too much like thunderstone anyways. abc hasnt done anything for a long while now, and kidstv is all canadian or british.
(speaking of which, the black holesly high (sp?) thing is quite funny.)

the last drama i saw with aussie accents and anything close to awesomeness was 'answered by fire' on the abc, the one with david wenham, and that was co-produced by the canadians. its totally hopeless. and theres no real way to fix it, i mean, there's no staff member on the abc anymore, and theyve bloody appointed keith windschuttle to the organisation. mang.

so anyways. how's that world cup going for ya?


Wednesday, June 07, 2006


this is more just so i have a copy than anything else. but, well, everyone hang your heads in shame, because omigosh this is awesome.

oh nevermind, its not working.

... damn lightsaber duels.