no longer an exclusively vicarious one.

Tuesday, May 30, 2006

what have they done?

...with my movie? oh my giddy aunt, it was so ruinated. the good stuff they could have done, just think about it. what with all those awesome actors. they could have given logan more angst, scott more pain, marie more justification, angel more... character. and storm, well they could have given her less scenes and fired halle berry, and got someone else who could have channelled tina turner more. also, got rid of shitty lines like 'not all of us heal as fast as you, logan' (*wah*), and oh man... only xavier and magneto managed to cope in any way whatsoever, and thats cos mckellen and stewart are so awesome.

anyways. there were some good bits. i like when iceman went all 'ice-man-y', and the little dialogue betwixt rogue and logan. young angel hacking bits of himself off was a really nice touch, that poor kid is a genius, and kelsey grammer as the beast was possibly best. casting decision. ever. overall though, it wasnt as good as it should have been.

urm. june is not a good month. what with exams, and group stuffs, and lots of cool gigs i could go to if i just had the organisational skills.

but i shall stop whining here and sally forth and pretends to do some works.
oh, so not going to uni today...


Wednesday, May 24, 2006

A.P. (awesome power)

oh blogger, dearest blogger, why art thou so slow?

the computer is starting to not be my friend once again, im pretty sure itll just say 'no' one day soon and we'll have to get it fixed up. which is just ridiculous. if my life totally didnt revolve around it, i would have given up on technology a long time ago. i mean, i have to *deal* with this stoopid computer every day to Live, but it shuts down all the time; meanwhile my old walkman i keep in the car is almost 30 years old, i can drop it all over the damn place without worrying about wrecking any part of it, and it only needs new batteries about twice a year.


cold snap in the last few days, which has kind-of been fun. i like cold weather, but i hate that im still not quite sure whether to get my chunky coats out or not. also, i am not flipping going to uni at 6pm on a day where the top temperature was 15degrees, and its raining. like, just no.

um. not much else to say right now, cept that omg those x-3 ads look awesome. i shall go on friday and get more points on my awesome scale. which reminds me...

mi-3. much, much better than the last movie in the trilogy. maybe i just hate thandie newton, but that film was pretty darn bad. this one is pretty cool. the non-linear style was really interesting (fine, jj fans...), and hoffman is the scariest baddie i seen in a while. they didnt really give him much of a character, but i guess that was the point. rhys meyers was okay, im still not okay with him being schmendrick in 'the last unicorn', but yeah. ving rhames = awesome. one thing that mum and i both found peculiar was how much michelle monaghan (sp?) looked like katie holmes.... the smile and the hair and the face shape... strange. well, not really i spose, what with tom cruise being the producer and all. that bit scaling down the inside vatican wall was nice. =) and their italian was hilarious.

almost finished reading that vandermeer book, 'city of saints and madmen'. omg po-mo. its kind of scary if you allow yourself to get carried away with the story. the layers, the layers! for a book that i found in a 'cheap' bin, its remarkably well-written, well-covered on the net, and well-everything. if i could write like that... i like one of the reviews that i found that points out you dont even have to open the cover to start reading. oh yes.

here is a picture of me (cos i am bored), and *am-eee-li-aaaa*:

dont you hate it when: one of the sites you like to read a fair bit goes down for repairs and doesnt come back up for several weeks, with only a message on the frontpage saying 'cya in a week' (they LIE!)

updation of sidelinks!: some more funnies, and 'acutal' sites that i 'acutually' look at. such as funny comics. and that fugly page, which still makes me giggle. everytime, yo.


Tuesday, May 16, 2006


its probably time for me to start gathering up my notes for the semester exams, but honestly i can't be stuffed. my psych things are scattered alll over my room, and i am soooo ready to bs my way through the anthro one. meanwhile, everyone else is still doing a gazillion and one assignments, and so i gots no one to talk to cos the moment i open my mouth to whinge about studying they shut me right down. justifiably so, but that doesnt help me.

so instead of dwellin on the fact that i have got three weeks of uni left, and then one week of stuvac, im gonna keep procrastinating, and read more of the chunky chunky books stacked in a wobbly pile on the side of my desk like a leaning tower about to be demolished. honestly, that book on eels? i dunno what i was thinking.

and everytime im sitting in my room, i can feel my laptop willing me to go out and get some games to play and play, and waste the rest of my time away. man, i need a hobby. or some motivation to get my work done so that i can't use it as an excuse everytime i think of doing something else.

a-hahahaha. omg. im so scared right now. the moment you outright decide to use the nazis as the model state is the moment everyone needs to get their heads out of the diminishing black gold, and say or do something about it. gorram.


Friday, May 12, 2006

pie in the sky

whats been happening in the world? i heard somewhere that two blokes came up outta a hole in the ground down in tassie. well woo hoo. seriously, the net result of that whole story was one dude died in a rockfall that may or may not have been caused by an earthquake near a goldmine. how is that in any way more newsworthy than some of the other stuff going on in the world?
hunting through the smh (which is how you have to read mass media nowadays - you hunt for news), i found a little bit on how wind farms that could power all of SA and NSW by themselves were not going to be able to go ahead cos the government, in all of its buy-the-voters-with-100%-of-the-budget-surplus wisdom, has decided to give no moneys to finish the projects.
in another part, smushed into a few paragraphs in the metro section, 4 papuans were found alive after spending weeks missing in open waters. honestly, the representation of events at the moment is appalling. has anyone in the australian media heard about the phone-tapping scandal in the US? what about the abolition of net neutrality? if i never went on the net, i wouldnt know about any of this either. and the only net sites that i have the time for are a few of the bigger US blogs... all i get on commercial networks is human nature on sunrise, and dole bludgers, and who's doing what on bigbrother.

in other news, something about uni is making me more lazy than usual. after having had the ENTIRE semester so far to do that psych essay, i decided to do it in the middle of last night, with the whirring-broken-fan-belt computer and NO temporary data retrieval facilities. i only ended up writing the thing about 5 times. i could recite it all right now, thats how many times i rewrote the same flipping sentences because microsoft word kept crashing. also, that writing in psych book was reallly handy. i know it seemed like a ridiculous, nerdy, n00b-y waste of money at the time i bought it, but its really awesome. i just copied the entire format of the 'good essay' example at the back of the book, and voila!

jos been away. yay! i got a laptop. yay! i have no assessments until end-of-semester exams. yay! and i thank everything good in the world for my lack of stuff to do. i shall buy games for my laptop. oh yes.

best. frozen-pose. ever. its made of lego! not hot lego, normal lego! (as an aside, i love jason byrne. heh)

second-best. frozen-pose. ever (


Tuesday, May 09, 2006

great to be aussie

godnabbit. there i was, all excited about becoming an aussie citizen, and then i hear this:

meanwhile, dad doesnt want to let me go to m'sia cos he reckons im awol from their national service program. never mind that im not actually a malaysian citizen anymore. and i still havent got any form of age id, which is not helping things on the 'procrastinating from getting a license' front.

my laptop just got in so im gonna go play with that.

stuck-in-my-head: under the boardwalk - hotel babylon

funny interview: pink v. andrew denton

funniest moment on tv this week (take that, bert newton and your 20;1 crap): ricky wong and cathy freeman doing 'indigeridoo'.


Saturday, May 06, 2006

chicken voices in my head...

i dont particularly like radiohead, but that tripod acapella version was the spookiest thing i heard in a while. very cool. the rest of the dvd is likewise cool. karlis (sp?) was quite funny, but yeah, gatesy rules.

lets see, what has happened? oh yes, this:

and this:

yeah. good times. wherein we had to change about 4 times cos of big drama with the emergency bridesmaid thingy. but there was bottomless coke, so who was i to complain?

also, x-3 and mi-3 are coming out soons, which will be very funky for me once i finish up the 3 assignments i was meant to have done last week. see, i cant drink, so i dont even have that excuse. believe me, it is far more difficult to procrastinate when you are 100% sober.

oh yeah, got tina addicted to josh pyke (heh), and bec revealed the highly secret information (that tina has a penis - dont ask) to tinas new vet friends. i wish i had done chemistry.

quotedy quote: 'all mimsy were the borogroves and the mome raths outgrabe'

blink of the moment: (there are sg-1, buffy, firefly, sga, bsg, etc on there - its all quite hilarious. the one of nathan fillion is fantastic =)

6 degrees (hey, footloose was on last night, dont blame me): sean maher tomorrow night on ghost whisperer.