no longer an exclusively vicarious one.

Saturday, March 25, 2006

people lie.

they really do. and im not talking about 'evil' people in the media or in politics or anything like that, ima talking about the statistically average person.

marty, that cd that mandy gave you. was empty. gr.
seriously, there was nothing on it. maybe its just my computer tho, ill go to my aunts place and try it on theirs. if it really doesnt work, maybe i can borrow yours (if yours is functioning)?

danny bhoy last night was really funny. that is one hilarious scot. oh yes. the funny. and it was taped, so maybe he's doing the done thing for comedians at the moment, and releasing a dvd...? i would most certainly spend all of my no moneys on that little gem. diddly-diddly-dee-potatoes.

buses suck. but ive already ranted about that so ill just leave it at that.

i want to see movies:
v for vendetta
aeon flux (i dont care, i wanna see)
x-3 (why didnt anyone tell me kelsey grammer got cast as the beast. people i feel remarkably let down that im only going gaga at this late point in time. kelsey grammer. yo, the cool)

mary, nat since youse are free, i am thinking if you get a free tuesday morning, i can go to either george st or broadway any time before 3pm. which is loads, if you think about it.

uni is awesome. arts is awesome. doing very little work is awesome. random people being my new best friend is awesome, and my phone is awesome. the parentals absence is not so awesome, seeing as how i have to do all the chores cos johobo is a horrible horrible slacker. oh yes you are. you know it.

happy birthday bec, i still dunno what im gettin ya.

the world is falling about our ears, and all i can say is this: the box says 'the triangle' is on sunday april 2. be there peoples.


Sunday, March 19, 2006

THIS guy? right HERE?

finally, i managed to con anita into giving moi the photo that is the awesomest dude in hollywood. yes, that bandanna touched johnny depp's sweat. woah. and, yes that guy does have my hat.

i now owe anita my soul. but since she bought stargate seasons 1-7, i think it is SHe who owes me a lend of stuff.

nothing else to say really. uni is okay, what with the trying to learn arabic (while not really understanding what the hell the METAcentre is, or how to get the vcrs in there working), and trying to read the psych textbook, which is alright i spose, lots of nice pics, but that friday lecture is darned boring. if i return from fridays with my eyeballs poked out, then youll all know why. i dont understand how a person talking can be THAT mind-numbingly boring.

dex has a new show called 'hotel babylon', which channel nine has bought. nine also bought 'the triangle' (see an old post), so at least ill have something to look forward to after the whole commgames thing is over.

videohits was doing a 'lets remember the 80s, 90s, and today' ep, and i realised i really like madonna songs, before the new millenium. since then, ick.

is it just me, or do the following film/tv songs all sound almost exactly alike: han & leia's theme from starwars, the theme to the tv series 'close and true' starring robson green and james bolam and ickle jamie bell, and the theme song to miyazaki's 'laputa: castle in the sky'. yes...

last night, doing the not-being-able-to-sleep thing, i found an aussie movie from '99, with rufus sewell, andrew gilbert, john howard and maya stange. was about some anthropologists in WWII studying peoples of New Guinea. seeing as how thats the first case study im doing in uni, i thought it was appropriate, but unfortunately it didnt go into too much (actually, any) detail of the natives - only the very pretty little story of maya and rufus. and rufus. with his shirt off. sigh. apparently he's got a new one coming out with ioan gruffud called amazing grace. or something.



Sunday, March 12, 2006

going down... to funky town

so the sutekh board (which i just recently discovered) has gone down and argh. thats annoying.

people at my house keep disappearing. i go to my room for like 5 minutes, and when i reemerge, all ready to talk to someone, theres NO ONE left. seriously. they coulda all been abducted by aliens and i wouldnae have noticed.

dad got a new keyboard. yay. now the 'e' and the spacebar dont get so continuously stuck my page looks like this: eeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee eeee
and yeah.
he also bought us a new dvd-cam. so, hm, finally catching up to the rest of the world, eh dad? but johobo and i are thinking of using it to record messages for all the cousins in m'sia. (some of whom have never seen me before). awesome. and, the dvd-cam is real shiny. and actually shiny, it looks like its wrapped in tinfoil.

okays, now to sees if my new uni timetable actually isnt too horrible, putting all the tutes and stuffs in... dunno how much spare time ill have, but wednesdays are looking good. hell, maybe ill even stick around for some stuff. (i realise this paragraph meant absolutely nothing to peoples who arent me, but tough).

here: is the really cool nat portman gangsta rap clip, wherein she is awesome. and i loves her. and her hair. mostly just her hair.

seriously, where IS everyone?


Saturday, March 11, 2006

doodely doo

whats happening in the world these days?

this little piece of ridiculous-ism:

You all heard what that magazine in Denmark has published. It's making fun of our beloved PROPHET MUHAMMAD (pbuh) by drawing pictures of him and describing him as a terrorist. Moreover they refused to appologize because they considered it a practice of freedom and democracy.I ask you all to put your hands with other MUSLIMS and boycott the Denmark's products. 1.6 billion muslim could really slap the economy in Denmark. Please copy this text and forward this text to as many Muslims as possible Via Email via SMS Via Scrap.....I ask all of u, Muslims...Cant u spare one hour inorder to spread this message among Muslims ..ASAP? REMEMBER THE PROPHET(pbuh) MIGHT ASK YOU ONE DAY WHAT DID YOU DO WHEN THEY MADE FUN OF ME? HOW DID YOU DEFEND ME????? "

was a forward i got from some friends and omg argh. sure, i was insulted as the next guy when i heard about the cartoon, but hell, there are better things to worry about. you wanna use your democratic right to slap people over the head about freedom of speech, go boycott american products. yeah, see how that all turns out, without your nike and adidas and fittycent. honestly, i dont know that youd be proud to say 'yeah i helped ruin the livelihoods and smashed up and rioted against some europeans cos they made a joke about you, man', when youre being judged at the end of time. come on, we gotta be better than those idiots creating all the hoo-ha.

meanwhile, someones decided to go ahead and close up abu ghraib, cos its really not paying for itself anymore. pretty sure it wont make too much difference, what with all those other properly secret bases the cia has got scattered around the world, holding people who accidentally got the same last name as a 'terrorist' ( i hate that word), even though theyre perfectly innocent of everything upwards from running a red light. apparently there are whole camps of people the US nicked outta theyre houses without so much as a by-your-leave and then tortured them and restricted their access to the outside world, all to find out that they were innocent in the first place and they actually got the wrong house to raid... so they get so scared/embarrassed that they keep them in lockup until forever.

tv roundup:
yes, what in the name of the almighty was naomi 'plastic' robson wearing the other night. that black skimpy thing with the big halter ring around her neck?

bernard from black books is coming - but i povo so no $45 for mels to see him. tho im not complaining about danny bhoy

the c-word and mythbusters are on AT THE SAME TIME. dammit. and now i gots uni until 7pm on mondays and tuesdays. argh.

firefly. on a projector screen. with tiered seating. at uni. weekly. nuff said.

that 'bloody hell are ya?' ad. and all the ruckus in the uk. man, way more press coverage than tourismAUST ever expected. awesome.

footy. man, i think everyone is so used to the dragons losing spectacularly in round one that they dont even know how not to do it anymore. not to worry, they looked in mostly good nick regardless.

Friday, March 10, 2006

wasting time

and stuffs. i need this for something else so just ignore it.

Wednesday, March 08, 2006

watching me watching you

well, uni has started and so life has tilted once again. trying to get used to waking up the same time (most) mornings. admittedly that time is 8am so i dont think i have too much reason to complain. however, 7pm finishes are starting to piss me off, what with uni being in redfern and all.

i have a feeling that the erratic blog-ness is only going to get worse from here on in, mostly cos by the time i get back johobo's either already claimed the computer, or im too tired, or i frankly cant be arsed to do anything about it.

wanted to update the links before, but computer decided to spontaneously combust, so ill do it again soon. i mean really, i havent even looked at some of those sites twice. also i found some pretty good aussie ones.

impressions of uni:
textbooks are freaking hell expensive,
walking is like ow,
grass is good to sleep on as long as there is shade and no ants,
sunburn is like ow,
donut king is magic,
chinese-looking people are horribly under-represented in the arabic subject
footbridge aircon is awesome
greenies who dont wear shoes are scary
religious evangelicals are even scarier (and one guy has my hat in navy blue)
cheap newspapers are teh best thing ever.

daunting are assessments so far, but maybe things appear scarier from a distance. esp when i think about the chem tests and stuffs divz and tina have to do. ha-ha.

nrl on friday. w00t-ing much joy.
thorpey out of the comm games. hah. that craig stevens fellow to replace him. bigger hah.
people besides me watch friday night games.
x-3 site being updated
mr bush's approval rating to 34%. teehee. although that still means 34% of people still like him.
julia gillard for PM! i mean really, australian story, womens zines, the 'factionism is cancer' speech, redheaded-geena-davis-commander-in-chief one of the top dramas, you know, im just saying...
and yes, people dying, but since no one else seems to care, ill just point it out and let you do your own research

off to eat pizza.


Thursday, March 02, 2006

hot hot heating

i know that there a bunch of people running around with their arms in the air saying that the worlds going to end and look at all this global warming stuff, and usually i try to ignore it cos, really what am *i* going to do about it, and if it is true, then we're probably too late anyways. but apparently sydney this year had an average summer temperature 2.3 degrees celsius hotter than last year, we're stuck in the middle of a 5 year drought or something, and ice is melting all over the world at least 3 times faster than we thought.
goodbye world. it was fun while it lasted.

tvs is up and running. yay! get your programs here. i suggest 'the c word' on monday nights, and those bollywood hits shows.

caught the pilot of commander in chief. its actually fairly alright, although i do have to admit to a partiality to donald sutherland projects. buffy, anyone? but seriously, i reckon i could get into it. geena davis had me hooked from that line in the first half of the show when she said ' Jim, you're not in a position to insist how I take my coffee!' oh yeah. i think it is true what a lot of the liberal moderates are saying, that the show has collected the baton from the west wing, and is now letting the audience indulge in what they wish the US government was really like. its a little disappointing really, and maybe the real admin should take a good hard look to see what major things theyre doing wrong. hah. one can dream

Things pissing me off at the mo:
celebrity chefs and b-grade 'celebrities' in gameshows. case in point- 'friday night games' which is a little bit like gladiators (incidentally, that show was pure genius), but really more like big brother. 'dancing with the stars' (hell even simone warne is now a celebrity), and well, every single cooking show on the box at the moment. dont get me wrong, i could watch cooking shows all through armageddon, but they really are a waste of humanity's resources.

getting stuck in the rain at tropfest. this is the first one ive managed to get myself down to, and after spending the afternoon playing uno, scattegories and watching tina jump around with her pen, paper and camera trying to be part of the new 'people paparazzi', harassing the 'stars' of headland, it was only slightly disappointing that the rain didnt stay away and we all basically had a pool party at the domain. also, that snake film got disqualified. which is pretty funny really. i loved how all the media went 'oh no! cheating in the world's largest short film festival! how shocking and outrageous and can we possibly get this in the tabloids?!' and polson was like 'hah. pretty funny really, good for them and all, but i only feel sorry for the 17th finalist who missed out on a place cos of these eedjets who decided to fake their video'.

that stoopid 'insert' button that overwrites everything i type. gr.

the arts peer-support thingy day at usyd. the profs or docs or whatever the hell they were put on some highly frightening little show for us all, with no real purpose that anyone could see, and it scared even most of the mentors. free drinks (water from a box. i know...) and donuts (which is always good), but didnt really pay for the awkwardness.
oh - also. uni timetable.mine really, really, really sucks. so much so that mum is now pushing for me to get a job in newtown so i dont waste too much time. a 5-6pm class, i ask you. what is going on there?

i been doing my net research and updating those ghei links on the side there, so that theres not too many poncy liberal blogs left. not that theres anything wrong with those, but i dont even read most of them anymore. try to find more aussie ones (as hard as that is right now).

also. my keyboards have royally frelled the right up. now the spacebar, enter button and 'e' key are all refusing to obey me. this post has taken about 3 times as long to type as your first guess.